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Do you have questions for me? Call me at (216) 469-2561 

Since elected in 2015, I have worked tirelessly keeping certain themes and goals in mind.

  • Ensure Financial Stability so Brooklyn could not only get past the loss of the City’s largest employer, but we could rebound and start planning for our future.
  • Create Efficiency in our government to avoid duplicating human capital by using Technology effectively.
  • Improve Communication and Transparency in ways that hit all demographics and in a manner that residents feel vested in Brooklyn.
  • Maintain and improve the City Services and offer a better Quality of Life to residents without raising taxes or fees needlessly.

Staying engaged in local government is hard when we all have such hectic lives. So if you are engaged now when it matters most, thank you for researching my beliefs, accomplishments and goals for the next 4 years. 


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